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How Mobile Dental Care Works

How Mobile Dental Care Works

How it works

Pre-screening call and forms

Here are the components of a mobile dental appointment:

  • Pre-screen Covid-19 screen over the phone
  • Discuss past and present Medical and Dental History
  • Review any past and present illness, condition, concerns
  • Special needs screen will be reviewed and discussed with our Child and Youth Practitioner
  • Insurance verse non insurance payment process
  • We will discuss the process of the appointment, logistic, space needed

How we prepare our equipment for your appointment

  • All our instruments are pre-sterilized according to the Canadian Dental Hygiene Organizations Standard and Public Health infection control standards (IPAC Infection Prevention and Control).
  • All of our instrument is specially packaged with a Steam Sterilization Integrator Type 5 which clearly indicates a PASS or FAIL for Steam Sterilization
  • Each sterilization load also has a Self-contained Biological Indicator. How it works is the BI is exposed to the sterilization process and then incubated for 24 hours, once the BI test is complete and there no spores that survived the process, then the instruments are released for use.

The day of the appointment

Day of the appointment

  1. We arrive at your doorstep
  2. COVID-19 screening
  3. Medical history review
  4. Check all your vitals, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, oxygen saturation level
  5. Oral cancer screen
  6. Full assessment
  7. Discuss and consent to treatment plan based on your individual needs
  8. Implementation of the treatment plan
  9. Evaluation of treatment
  10. Complete payment process. We accept all insurance plans and we take visa, Mastercard, eTransfer, cheque.
  11. We offer referrals if necessary
  12. Schedule for your next appointment according to your individual needs

Payment and insurance options

  • Note: We follow the current Ontario Dental Hygiene Association Fee Guide
  • Insurance clients will need to ensure that they have their insurance company name, where the insurance policyholder works, their registered name and birthdate on the policy, policy ID number, certificate ID number, div number,
  • Non-insurance clients must play day of service
  • Individual insurance plans: At the moment, we accept assignment, which means you are only responsible for your annual deductible and differences of percentage coverage. 
  • We accept: Mastercard, Visa, cash, bank transfer, cheque

Followup and rebooking future appointments

  • ALL follow-up appointment will be made before we leave for your regular cleanings tailored to your
  • All referral notes will be either passed over to your personal dental office with any significant findings that may need to be addressed.
  • Reminder: We do not claim to be a dentist and we do not have Xray vision. We highly recommend that you follow up with your dentist for your restorative dental needs.
  • Your dental hygiene appointment will continue with Dental Care in Motion.

How Mobile Dental Care Works

Here is a review of all the steps.

Step 1 Book a mobile dental appointment

Step 2 Phone call prior to appointment, discuss and answer any question needed, regards to medical history, dental history, payment options

Step 3 Prior to the appointment over the phone COVID-19 Screen

Step 4 Verbal review of medical or dental concerns and any possible clearances needed

Step 5 We arrive at a set appointment time

Step 6 Pre-appointment placement of our medical-grade air filtration in the work area

Step 7 Covid-19 screen for everyone in the room

Step 8 medical and dental histories are documented by the client or caregiver

Step 9 Set-up of all dental equipment

Step 10 Review all Medical and Dental

Step 11 Vitals analyzed, Blood pressure, Oxygen levels, Temperature, Pulse

Step 12 Assessments existing

Step 13 Dental hygiene diagnosis

Step 14 Plan of treatment

Step 15 Implementation, hand scaling, oral hygiene education, fluoride if needed

Step 16 Evaluation, prepare referrals if needed, assess goals

Step 17 Schedule next appointment, recare exam, 6-week re-evaluation, 3-month scale, 4-month scale, 4.5-month scale, 6-month scale, 9-month scale, 12-month scale.